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"Opportunities don’t happen. You create them."

— Chris Grosser

HAS Rice Pakistan didn’t become a leading Pakistani rice supplier by taking shortcuts. Our products and our customers are like the company, a family. We believe in focusing on high quality product delivery built on long-standing relationships.

Globally recognized as a emerging leader in Pakistani rice supply chain, we simplify the process for rice import for small-medium businesses, foodservice, distributors and governmental organizations throughout the world.

Generally speaking, we favor the long term over the short term. We observe and practice the “Golden Rule” and we place a greater value on our reputation than we place on the opportunity for a short-term gain.

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We are experts at helping clients with unique needs and requirements find the perfect solution to ensure their venture's success. From brown rice to white rice, and more, we have the largest selection of products and actively export to over 50 countries across the globe.

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We're always here to help! Whether you have a few questions before you get started, or need help in putting together an entirely custom-tailored solution for your business, our dedicated experts are always available and ready to help you get the perfect solution to any inquiry.

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We work with major distributors and global shipping lines to help our partners get the solutions they need, no matter where and when they need them. We ship to all major ports and actively export to all six continents.

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